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seeding is back on
Seeding is back on for the first 14 episodes, I will see about seeding up to episode 18 today. And will make a torrent with up to 28 this week.

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So you got a new pc then?

Re: Arigatou Gozaimasu!

I did not, but I found out the laptop was not completely damaged so I had the faulty compartment removed. It will work as before for now so this should be good enough for doing more episodes although I will get a new pc soon.

joined the old episodes' sharing process, can't wait for new ones =)

Currently, I'm waiting for the next batch of episodes, and that interests me is in that batch.

i saw this livejournal long time ago and i really liked seeing the japanese flint the time detective translated into english and i hope i can watch all the episodes but i just been wondering if you could upload the episodes on a uploading site such as mediafire, rapidshare, etc because i have troubles in downloading the episodes with torrent and the file gets stuck at 0% when i download them with utorrent.

Try to keep uTorrent on overnight, I'm trying to seed often, but I can't have uTorrent on all the time. There should be some seeds online eventually, and then it should download just fine;)

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