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Jikuu Tantei Genshi-kun Complete Series torrent
If you have been missing some of the episodes I suggest you get the complete series torrent.
I've posted the link here. If any of you want to reupload this to a file hosting site please can you ask me first.
Hope you enjoy this series and maybe in the future more shows can be done.

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Hey, there seems to be a slight difference in episode 35, which causes a single torrent piece to not match the previous torrents. This has caused everyone to stall at 99.9% while downloading. Is there any chance you could seed for a little while so that the one missing piece will be in the peer pool?


I'll Seed the 35-39 torrent for a while, Replace the 35 with that one and I will pull the torrent. I seeded the complete torrent for days and I did not know why it was stuck at 99%. Sorry for this mistake.
There is an alternate complete series torrent at if your interested:

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